Monetary point

Research booklets on a well-known communication medium: the banknote.


Six booklets, each with a different research subject:

-Composition of a dollar bill

-Composition of an euro bill

-French bills history

-Details of the framework

-Gathering of details of bills across the world

-Features (size, rank of value, etc.)

Creation of a new type of note: a typographic bill, the “monetary point”. With a choice of seven different fonts and seven values from
1 to 200, it is the duty of the everyday user of the bill to choose how they would rank the typefaces if they were to be used for monetary value, the average of the opinions determining the ranking of these new bills.


For example, most of the people decide that the Alt (gothic font) would be better for the 200 banknotes because of her ancient look; some preferred the comic sans ms to be sure to never see it since they never use 200 euro banknotes.